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In The VR Cinema you will experience 30 minutes of the coolest virtual reality films. We proudly present four different themed film selections, which consist of several separate VR films, in order to please every virtual reality lover. Are you brave enough for our scary compilation? Will you immerse yourself in VR documentaries from around the globe, while your neighbors embark on an adventurous journey? Kids, young and old, can enjoy our cheerful, light-hearted and colourful film selection.

Our film selection is renewed on a regular base, so keep an eye on our website for the newest and latest VR-content out there!


The supernatural package shows you exactly what VR is made for. Experience chilling VR-thriller experiences in ‘Knives’, fantasy worlds in ‘Planets’ and other experiences that will challenge the boundaries of your imagination.

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Aimed at our younger audiences but also at the VR lovers who remain still young at heart. Set your imagination free and discover ingenious inventions, see for yourself if the monster under the bed really exists and enjoy an underwater dolphin meet-up that will entertain and enchant you. 

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The journey package takes you on a trip of wonderful things, such as visiting a dysfunctional family trying to grant their grandfather's last wish, a mesmerizing levitation through Dali’s dreams and feeling the power of technology invading your memories. 

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History, real stories and natural phenomena offer knowledge on things you’ve never experienced before. Witness unique personal tales of courage and pain, submerge yourself in African Wildlife migration and take a lesson in film history, from the very beginning until present day. 

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