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In The VR Cinema you will experience 30 minutes of the coolest virtual reality films. We proudly present four film selections in different themes in order to please every virtual reality lover. Are you brave enough for our scary compilation? Will you immerse yourself in VR documentaries from around the globe? Or do you prefer to embark on a adventurous journey like no other?
For kids, young and older ones, there's the cheerful and colourful selection. Either way, the only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the VR experience of your choice.


Ages 16 +

Dark corners, fading whispers, space odysseys, jump scares and horrifying creatures creep around introducing you to an eerie world. Expect your adrenaline levels to reach the ceiling. Dive into the thrilling atmosphere and face your fears. Hold on to your seats but don’t forget to revolve, even though you have no clue what awaits you in every turn…


Prepare yourself to travel back into time but also immerse yourself in realities of the present. The documentary selection will take you on a trip through the battlefields of Normandy and back to the evolution of one of our most precious possessions, language. Being able to do that from your swivel chair is an unique experience. Join our journey and experience these social, environmental and historical moments in time...

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Enter a magical world where you can swim with dolphins, fly, play and interact with magical characters, and experience the moving stories beyond imagination. Aimed at kids, but also for those who are still reminiscent of their childhood in their hearts. Transport yourself to the middle of cheerful animations, paired with music and stories you’ve never dreamed of.


We offer a special selection just for our young friends. It contains colourful, cheerful and fun films that are appropriate for them. There is no minimum age at The VR Cinema and watching VR is something most kids enjoy a lot. However, it can also be quite a thrill for young children - sometimes a bit too much. We advise parents to keep this in mind and don’t bring kids who are easily scared or overwhelmed.