Q: “What is the VR Cinema all about?”

A: “We are a virtual reality (‘VR’) cinema, which means we show 360 degree movies using a VR headset. Using this, you are basically transported into a virtual world in which you can look around like you would in the real world. We have several packages at display for you, from which you pick one. Each of these packages last about thirty minutes, they are all centered around one theme and they all consist of multiple short movies in order to show you VR’s capabilities

Q: “Is it possible to wear glasses during the show?”

A: “Yes, the VR headset leaves enough room to leave your glasses on. It is, however, more comfortable to leave them off if possible, as the VR headset itself is able to focus from minus five to plus five prescription. If however the focus differs per eye, it’s probably best to leave the glasses on.”

Q: “How long does the show last?” 

A: “All shows last about thirty minutes.”

Follow up Q: “That sounds like it’s a bit short…

A: “Granted, it does sound like a short show, but we’ve found that almost everyone walks out with a smile; they feel like half an hour is long enough, because being in a virtual reality world is such a new and intense experience for your brain to fully process.”

Q: “Don’t you get nauseous from virtual reality??” 

A: “VR is a lot more advanced than it used to be. As such, getting nauseous is, for the vast majority of people, a thing of the past. That being said, a small amount people do experience some motion sickness. If that happens our personnel will always make sure to help you to a glass of water.”

Q: “At what age are persons allowed to watch VR?” 

A: “There is no specific age requirement, as long as you pick a package with content that is suitable for the age of the person. When dealing with really small kids, the only real requirement we have is that the headset fits on their head.”

Q: “Can I get my money back?” 

A: “This depends on the situation. It’s not possible to get money back on the location. If something went wrong with a payment, or somebody ordered a ticket too many, it’s best is to get in contact with the office.”

Q: “Why don’t you use the Oculus Rift/HTC Vive?” 

A: “In certain circumstances it is not practical to use the Oculus Rift/HTC Vive. This is because every VR headset (and therefore seat as well) needs to be connected to a computer and is connected with quite some cables. Furthermore, it needs cooling. The reason we use the Samsung Gear is that is more practical and that we wanted to be the first, what we succeeded in.”

Q: “Where did the idea of the Virtual Reality Cinema come from?” 

A: “We believe that VR is the future of enter- and infotainment. Besides, we want to share this amazing experience with everyone!”

Q: “Is there a different price for each package?” 

A: “No, every package is priced the same.”

Q: “What is the best package?” 

A: “We love all our packages; the best choice in your case is greatly dependent on your movie preference. Feel free to ask for advice on the spot”

Q: “In what language is the program?” 

A: “Most movies are non-spoken. However, if a language is spoken, it is mostly English. If this is not the case then there are English subtitles.”

Q: “Is all the content produced by the Virtual Reality Cinema?” 

A: “We do make our own productions, but not all content is produced by us. The movies which are not produced by us are licensed.”

Q: “How are VR movies made?” 

A: “In very high level terms, movies are made using multiple cameras that are filming simultaneously. Of course, this results in various films, which are ‘stitched’ together in editing. What you end up with is a very ‘wide’ video that is projected all around you. Basically, the VR headset allows you to ‘scroll’ through that wide video using the movement of your head.”

Q: Is parking parking space available?

A: Yes, parking space is available. We suggest you use the Parking Centrum Oosterdok, that is located beneath the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton at the Oosterdoksstraat 4. That being said, if you don't come from Amsterdam, consider going by train, as The VR Cinema is only a five minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

Q: How do I reach the VR Cinema by public transport?

A: The VR Cinema can very easily be reached by public transport: it is a mere five minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Upon reaching Amsterdam Central Station, leave the building on the city center side and start walking to the left. After a five to ten minute walk, you should see a building on your left hand called '&samhoud places' - enter and you will find the VR Cinema on the ground floor.

Q: I have a coupon code. How do I activate it?

A: Go to our website: www.thevrcinema.com. Click on the 'buy tickets' button, select the desired date and timeslot and add it to your cart. For the time being, the system will still display the regular €12,50 price. On this page, in the top-left corner, you should see a field that allows you to enter your coupon code and a 'apply coupon' button; use these to claim your discount. After doing this, the initial price should be reduced by your coupon's worth.

In case you have multiple coupon codes, you must make a new reservation for each ticket.

Q: How do I know which movies are playing at the moment of my show?

A: Because we can set up each virtual reality headset individually, we show each of packages at any given time. For an overview of the available packages, please check the 'now showing' tab on our website.

Q: Can I eat and drink something at the VR Cinema?

A: Absolutely! We have a wide variety of snack, bites and (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) beverages at the VR bar that is located in our Cinema. Furthermore, we have a really comfortable lounge area to enjoy what you bought - or to just relax. Please do keep in mind though that the food is limited to snacks and bites; we don't offer complete lunches and/or dinners. For a complete overview of our menu, please check the 'VR bar' tab on our website.

Q: I want to organize a party (for my kids) in the VR Cinema. Is that possible?

A: Sure! Please get in touch with us by phone (+31 (0) 6 27 00 69 16) or by e-mail (info@thevrcinema.com).

Q: I want to visit the VR Cinema with my company. What are the possibilities?

A: Sure! Please get in touch with us by phone (+31 (0) 6 27 00 69 16) or by e-mail (info@thevrcinema.com).

Q: I know the virtual reality technique you use is phone-based. Do I need to bring my own phone?

A: Absolutely not: we provide all the necessities for you. When you have a ticket, you're all set for a great VR experience!

Q: Can I buy a The VR Cinema ticket as a gift for a friend?

A: But of course! Just drop by The VR Cinema, and we will help you buy an amazing gift.