The Canyon 360

Directed by: TAS aka The Adventurous Spark , Music: Olie Bassweight - Odyssea (Grouch Remix)

Prepare to go on a colorful trip to a world where the beat is an organic part of its environment. Feel the music vibrations and experience the change of colors and shapes around you. The perfect music piece for the lovers of experimental music.


Directed by: Stuart Cripps, Music: Eden

A journey, through a dreamy universe where you fly around shimmering figures and abstracted landscapes. Interesting visuals and mesmerizing effects will captivate your attention. The visual experiment is beautifully dressed with the music of Eden's rich, emotional song 'Drugs’. 


VR Director: Vinyl Williams, Music: Still Parade

Vinyl Williams creates a fantasy world of spiritual and artistic harmony.  Through his surreal sceneries, he asks the audience to exchange reality with utopian structures and fascinating locales surrounded by a psychedelic mist. 

Viva la Evolución

VR Director: Fifer Garbesi

This documentary portrays the electronic music’s evolution in Cuba. The underground dance scene is revealed to us with the help of Joyvan Guevara, the godfather of Cuban dance music. The introduction into the Cuban music scene’s modern status finishes with a massive rave in a castle by the sea, to rejoice music, with DJs from around the globe.