About us

World’s very first virtual reality cinema opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam early 2016. While VR was still quite unknown at the time, nowadays almost everyone has heard of the medium. However, the technique is still not accessible for everybody and a lot of people are new to this experience. The VR Cinema is a place where everybody has the possibility to get acquainted with virtual reality and experience what it is like to see the finest selection of VR-movies that are unfolding around you in 360 degrees. Currently, The VR Cinema is expanding internationally and has opened locations in China, Finland and Romania. We hope to welcome you in The VR Cinema soon!


Going to the movies gets a whole new dimension in The VR Cinema. You will not only watch your movie, you will experience it! Immerse yourself into magnificient worlds, where you could never go before. Wander through extraordinary landscapes, while your neighbor gets haunted by the most scary characters at the exact same time. There are no traditional red cinema chairs and also the big white screen is nowhere to be seen. So, what do you get?

In The VR Cinema we use the newest Samsung Gear VR that, in combination with a Samsung Galaxy S7, transports you to a whole other world. The Samsung Gear VR is without a doubt one of the Finest virtual reality glasses out there: it is a light-weight portable virtual reality headset that is easy to put on and off and is suited for both people with and without glasses.  

The VR Cinema offers great quality on audio aspect as more and more virtual reality movies do not only contain 360 degrees images, but also sound that in a way moves in the same direction as your head. This adds a special dimension to the virtual experience, which is enhanced by the thunderous sound of the Skullcandy headphones. These headphones shut out background noise, are light-weighted, adjustable, comfortable and above all, offer supreme sound quality.

Furthermore, you will settle down in comfortable rotating chairs. This allows you to freely look around and see what’s happening above, below, behind, in front, on the right and on the left side of you. So, no sore neck, we promise.

&samhoud media

The VR Cinema started off as a pop-up concept which toured through europe before opening a permanent location in the heart of Amsterdam. This city is also the home base of the founders of The VR Cinema: &samhoud media, a AR & VR company with a keen eye for media trends, which helps them to create refreshing and creative concepts for business clients as well as for you and the guy next door. Curious? Take a look at www.samhoudmedia.com for more information.

Although The VR Cinema is permanently opened in Amsterdam, we still mobilize a pop-up VR Cinema every now and then. If you’re interested in such an event, you can contact us for more information